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The Chinese Twin

Sarah Engell

In a small provincial town in Jutland, the young woman, Eva, has been struck by a great personal tragedy, having given birth to a stillborn child. The front garden is filled with unopened cardboard boxes containing the baby things she and h...

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Scantily Clad in the Compression Chamber

Karin Brunk Holmqvist

The little house in Ljunglyckorna, Österlen fits Agnes and Adolf perfectly. The retirees never enjoyed their time in the flat in town and they have moved to the countryside again. Agnes can’t wait to get her fingers dirty in the garden a...

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Born Wise

Lena Dyhrberg

For generations, it has been the common perception that children are inarticulate little creatures who, like empty shells, must be filled with knowledge and experiences.However, according to family health nurse Lena Dyhrberg, this is not at...

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The Parental Bond: Understanding the Art of Attachment

Mette Carendi

In The Parental Bond, Mette Carendi examines how conflicts in parenthood can be handled in a way that creates attachment and security.It is a life-changing experience to become a parent. When conflicts occur, many parents – regardless of ...

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The Gift in the Gut

Gina Asbjerg

Gina Asbjerg's book, The Gift in the Gut, is her attempt to give people a chance to become masters of their own lives once and for all. We all have issues from our childhood which we have subconsciously stored away in our stomach, because w...

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Become a Viking Mom

Mette & Wismann Mette

A concrete and honest guide to not only surviving life with children, but rather how to create a happy family life with more energy and stronger ties.What the reader gets:1. A hands-on 5-step parenting guide, giving simple and powerful tool...

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