Babel-Bridge is founded by Tine Nielsen, who has more than 10 years’ experience selling translation rights in a great variety of genres into all territories of the world for a leading London literary agency. She has an extensive international publishing network with whom she has worked on children’s books, serious and commercial non-fiction, as well as all genres within adult fiction. 

She is fluent in Danish and English, speaks German and can read and communicate in the Norwegian and Swedish languages.  

Photo (c) Jonathan Kronborg Grevsen


I love working with books.


It is such a privilege to follow a book from outline to final book, to assess it and decide on the best submission approach, to find the right publishing matches in the various language markets and hopefully in the end make the author happy when the various language editions start to appear on the markets.


At the same time, it is intriguing to have a first-row view of our cultural differences. What makes a bestseller can be very different from market to market. It is so exciting to follow what goes on in each territory, to know each publisher’s publication profile, each editor’s personal taste and develop an understanding of what works and does not work in each market.


I love the thought of bridges being built between cultures through the translation of books. At a moment in time when nationalism and fear are prevalent sentiments in all corners of the world, the role of books is more important than ever. The more we read about each other, the more we can keep the human angle. We may have “Babelonic” conditions, but they can be overcome, among other things through the translation of books.


I cannot ask for more in a profession: being close to the creative process, being one of the first people to read a book, getting an insight into the cultural diversity of the various markets in the world and building bridges for books across cultures.

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