John Kenn Mortensen's ouevre sold in the US - NIGHT TERROR out first in April 2023

Jan 26, 2022

The renowned US publisher, Fantagraphics, have acquired English World rights in 6 books by John Kenn Mortensen, three of which are collaborations with the Danish authors, Kenneth Bøgh Andersen and Benni Bødker.

Fantagraphics will commence their committed John Kenn Mortensen programme with NIGHT TERROR in April 2023, followed by A CHRISTMAS BESTIARY, which is scheduled for October 2023, most likely followed by GRIMM I and II during the course of 2024 and THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY and THE WRESTLER thereafter.

Indeed great news for all fans of John's work around the world.

The publisher, Gary Groth, says:

"It was my recent good fortune to be introduced to the work of John Kenn Mortensen and my even greater fortune to be privileged to publish this work — by turns, playful, funny, wicked, stunningly imaginative, and, of course, masterfully rendered, like a combination of Edward Gorey and Bernie Wrightson, but every bit his own man."