Stunning graphic novel retelling Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" sold to Brazil at auction

Mar 18, 2021

I'll be honest - I thought it was a long shot when I agreed with Danish publisher, Fahrenheit, to add Søren Jessen's take on Franz Kafka's classic "The Metamorphosis" to the program. No doubt about its stunning originality, but would anyone want to acquire a Dane’s take on this classic tale?

But hey, that's the beauty of handling world rights: somewhere there is bound to be a trend you can tap into.

In this instance, it turned out to be Brazil, where there is a demand for classics redone in graphic novel form. I was fortunate enough to work with Tassy Barham Associates, who had this knowledge, and before long we had an auction going.

The passionate publisher, Morro Branco, came out the winner and are delighted to be bringing this classic tale to a new audience. As the publisher says:

"There are currently dozens of editions of “Metamorphosis” published in Brazil, short, long, bilingual, with commentaries and such. But we are not only interested in this timeless tale, we are interested in the unique view proposed by Søren. More than an addendum to the original universe, as he brings new life to Kafka’s words, his unique interpretation, he creates a completely new experience, one that we look forward to sharing with our readers."