Proudly presenting: Babel-Bridge New Look

Oct 23, 2020

Babel-Bridge is relaunching in a new improved form.

We offer a virtual shopping window - clear and user-friendly - enabling acquisitions editors, scouting for the next exciting project to translate, to get a quick overview of what we see as the most exciting book projects coming out of the Nordics and elsewhere at the moment.

The new website offers a unique Search functionality, allowing you to focus on the genres that interest you the most. Depending on your preferences, you can even do a detailed search for topics within a particular genre.

If you prefer to browse, do take a look at our Highlights to get inspiration from front- and backlist for books with a strong hook and good track record in other markets.

Remember that any time you find a book that strikes your liking, you can save a PDF of the particular page, sharing it with colleagues or saving it for later use.

If you like to browse through our Book Fair Catalogues, this is an option too. For our many treasured subagents, the possibility to narrow down the amount of books to the ones you deem stand a chance in your specific market exists. We will send you a tailored catalogue for effortless sharing within your network.

Finally, publishers who are looking for new ways to gain international exposure for the gems on your list, do get in touch. We'd be excited to hear how we can support you.