Marie Curie: a Quest for Light - the authorised biography in the form a stunning graphic novel: now sold in the US

Oct 14, 2020

Finally, it happened! This is one of these beautiful projects that ought to sell absolutely everywhere, but just takes so much effort to get people to properly acknowledge. Babel-Bridge visited Angouleme Comic Festival in January 2020 and Justin Eisinger from IDW could see the light right away - then Covid-19 hit and there was a bit of delay, but now finally we have a deal and Marie Curie will come out in the author, Frances Andreasen Østerfelt's, birth country, the US, in 2021, bringing us to a total of four translation sales:

English (world): IDW

German: Knesebeck

Polish: Media Rodzyna

Romanian: Editura Art

We have full translations into French (done by the director of the Marie Curie Museum in Paris) and Spanish (done by a Mexican Professor of Astrophysics), just waiting to be put to use when publishers in those markets finally see the light too.

This is the only authorised graphic novel that introduces Curie's fascinating story to a younger audience (11+).