Gertrude Kiel's Science Stories for Children, now sold in 11 markets

Nov 29, 2021

TALES FROM THE SKY was one of the first books in my program and has a special place in my heart. I'm delighted that it now appears to receive a second wind after it was sold to Chinese (United Sky), German (Hanser), Italian (Gallucci) and Spanish (Siruela) back in 2019. The foreign editions are now starting to appear and they are joined by Humanitas in Romania, BIR in South Korea and Czarna Owca in Poland, who acquired the rights in 2021. In 2022, we have further found great homes for this special book in Bulgarian (Iztok Zapad), Chinese Complex (Yuan-Liou), Estonia (Varrak) and Serbian (Odiseja).

From day one, I have thought that Gertrude Kiel is too big for the Danish market - she of all people deserves to get a wider audience.