Inger Tobiasen

With her recognisable style, Inger Tobiasen catches the sentiments of children beautifully.

Inger Tobiasen is a graphic designer who has previously worked in the advertising industry. She is now a fulltime writer/illustrator of a long list of children's books and her drawing style is recognised and loved by children and parents across Denmark.

She has written two longer series for small children, Ida and Fanni's Colours, as well as the stand-alone picture book, Sometimes I Wonder Where Infinity Ends. She lives in Århus with her husband and together they run the small publishing company, Fanni's Colours.

She is a regular at the Bologna Book Fair where she loves to browse the stands, looking for inspiration and marveling at the innovative styles from around the world.

”A bit about me: I am born and raised in the country-side in the 50s and 60s. As a young person, I worked in an advertising agency as a graphic designer, something I now benefit from when I set up my own books and graphics in my own publishing house. The IDA books are not set up by myself, but by Turbine. Throughout my life, I have drawn and told stories, also as a child. As an illustrator, I work mostly with children’s and picture books, in the beginning mainly as illustrator of other authors’ books, later I started writing most of my books myself. Text and illustrations compliment each other better this way, I feel. I enjoy making the text as short and concise as possible, so that the story can come just as much alive in the artwork, which I also prefer to keep simplistic in style. I have 4 children and now 6 grand children and they have all – together with my own clear childhood recollections – given me an invaluable and constant access to the world of the child. I hope this is visible in my books. On top of that, imagination always plays a central role in my stories. I live in a small town house in the middle of Aarhus with my friend and husband and colleague, Ole.”